Christmas tips!

Christmas markets are the best places
to find great Christmas presents.

Alakoski: Crackle

Every Crackle vase is a unique mouth blown piece

Limited edition of Vihma!

There are three colors and only 10 pieces made of each color. Limited edition mortars are numbered and signed.

Glass Artists

Marja Hepo-aho

Mouthblown Mafka glass products are created by glass artist Marja Hepo-aho.

Kari Alakoski

Master glassblower has made his way to Riihimäki through Iittala and Nuutajärvi.

News & events

Ornamo Design Christmas

This weekend you can find us from the Cable Factory with Ornamo’s Design Christmas event!

Weekend plans!

This weekend you don’t have to wonder what to do: On Saturday head towards the glass studio in Riihimäki and on Sunday there is the christmas market at the Old Student House in Helsinki!

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Experience glassblowing

Come and experience glassblowing yourself at the glass studio in Riihimäki!
Birthday, bachelor party, evening with colleagues… Experience evenings work well also for groups!

Enchanting glass

The glass artists Marja Hepo-aho and Kari Alakoski have their Glass studio Mafka&Alakoski in a premises of a former glass factory in Riihimäki, Finland.

You are welcomed to visit the glass studio and see the glassblowers at work! If you coming from a distance, we recommend to call us in advance.

Web store

It’s easy to order our products online!

Gallery in Helsinki and glass studio in Riihimäki

The gallery & shop in Helsinki is located in a heart of Punavuori area and is a member of the Design District Helsinki. The gallery and shop in Riihimäki are located right next to the glass studio.

Gallery & Shop

Mafka&Alakoski Helsinki
Iso Roobertinkatu 19
00120 Helsinki

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-16

Contact information:
Ammi Lahtinen +358 400 593 686

Glass studio & Gallery

Mafka&Alakoski Riihimäki
Lasitehtaanaukio 2
11910 Riihimäki

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10-18

Contact information:
Marja Hepo-aho +358 40 554 9939

Welcome to the fascinating world of glass!