Sweet colors, what do you think? The names for 2018 limited edition of colored Vihma glass mortars are Sweet summer honey (orange), Olive in my drink (green) and Roses at the backyard (pink). There are 10 pieces made of each color and the limited edition glass mortars are numbered and signed.


In addition, there are three pieces made of a larger size in the pink color Roses at the backyard, also numbered and signed.

Vihma glass mortar limited edition by MafkaVihma glass mortar limited edition by Mafka
Vihma limited edition colors by Mafka

Mafka’s glass items are designed and made by glass artist Marja Hepo-aho at the Glass studio Mafka&Alakoski located in Riihimäki. These limited edition mortars are available both from the gallery in Helsinki and glass studio in Riihimäki.