The Veen emäntä exhibition by glass artist Marja Hepo-aho is open until Thursday the 29th of November. On the last day of the exhibition, you have a chance to get an introduction to the artwork from the artist herself. Marja will be at the gallery on Thursday at 11-18, welcome! No need to sign up in advance for the artist meeting, feel free to drop by!

Lasitaiteilija Marja Hepo-aho: Kyynelvaskooli / Veen emäntä näyttely 2018

The Kyynelvaskooli (“Tear gold pan”) artwork by Marja Hepo-aho turns the idea of a gold pan upside down. Instead of searching for gold nuggets there are drops of tears among a lot of gold. The thought behind the artwork is to pay attention to those details that are often forgotten during the abundance of riches.

Lasitaiteilija Marja Hepo-aho: Veen emäntä lasitaidenäyttely

All Marja’s artworks are created at our glass studio in Riihimäki. Did you know, that in addition to glass school in Nuutajärvi, she has also studied in glass schools in Orrefors in Sweden and Novy Bor in Czech as well as in The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in
Denmark? Her artwork has been seen in many exhibitions abroad and more is yet to come: Right after the Veen emäntä exhibition ends, her artwork is packed and shipped to Hong Kong for the Design Pier exhibition.

Lasitaiteilija Marja Hepo-aho: Veen emäntä lasitaidenäyttely 2018

As the evening gets darker, the Finally together lamps glow brighter at the gallery window. These glass and stone combinations are also made by order and customers can bring their own stones to the glass studio. We have a great selection of colors and our talented glassblowers have a wide set of techniques in use, so the lamp or any unique, order-made glass design can be made just the way you like.

Lasitaiteilija Marja Hepo-aho: Veen emäntä lasitaidenäyttely 2018

You can read more about the Veen emäntä exhibition artworks and check a video from the glass studio from the earlier news here. There is also a lot of photos on our Pinterest board, as well as on Instagram and Facebook pages.

Marja Hepo-aho: Veen emäntä

Artist meeting on Thursday the 29th of November at 11-18.
Free entry, welcome!

Galleria Mafka&Alakoski
Iso Roobertinkatu 19,
00120 Helsinki

Cover photo & photo of the Kyynelvaskooli artwork: Juhamatti Vahdersalo