Glass working courses

We arrange glassblowing and lampworking courses at the Glass studio Mafka&Alakoski in Riihimäki. At the glassblowing courses you get to know and test the basic techniques of glassblowing. Course also includes learning about the cold work finishes of the mouthblown items. Courses are approximately four days long, usually held during two weekends.

During lampworking courses you learn about making glass beads and small glass sculptures. After taking a course about the basics, you can rent the lampworking equipment at the glass studio and create you own glass accessories.

Contact the glass studio

We inform about the upcoming courses on Facebook and in our monthly newsletter. You can also ask about the courses by email.

Gallery & Shop

Mafka&Alakoski Helsinki
Iso Roobertinkatu 19
00120 Helsinki

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-16

Contact information:
Ammi Lahtinen +358 400 593 686

Glass studio & Gallery

Mafka&Alakoski Riihimäki
Lasitehtaanaukio 2
11910 Riihimäki

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10-18

Contact information:
Marja Hepo-aho +358 40 554 9939

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