Thursday the 25th of October is the last day of the exhibition and artist meeting with glassblower Väinö Terho!
The exhibition is open & you can find the glassblower from the gallery at 11-18, welcome!

Lasinpuhaltaja Väinö Terho: Unelmasta todeksi -näyttely

“I was instantly hooked by the glow of the molten material and its endless possibilities to turn into a thin drinking glass or to a massive, unique art piece. When I find the right rhythm with glass, everything else disappears to the background. Whether I succeed or not, after blowing a glass item I always feel the same passion for starting all over again.”

Lasinpuhaltaja Väinö Terho: Unelmasta todeksi -näyttely

“With glass, you have to learn to work as you are one with the material. Then this cooperation turns into a piece that shows the delicate features of the material and the shape, feeling or story by the glassblower.”

Väinö Terho: Unelmasta todeksi – A dream come true 11.10.-25.10.2018
Facebook event page is here.

Free entry!

Galleria Mafka&Alakoski,
Iso Roobertinkatu 19,
00120 Helsinki